Friday, November 14, 2008

VMware vs. Oracle support issue

Just found NOTE:249212.1 about Oracle support when running on VMware. Basically, they provide support up until they think it might be a VMware issue, then you get to prove to Oracle that the issue is theirs.

Pretty typical when a platform isn't "certified". But a nasty business practice.

Strange. Back in 2004 VMware and Oracle had a parternship.

... then about a year ago, Oracle releases Oracle VM, and boom, they're not going to certify on VMware. Stupid.

FYI...apparently Oracle does work on VMware, and according to a blog on their site, it runs *best* on VMware.

Strange. Is this just Oracle taking a support stance via not certifying to lure customers away from VMware onto their shiny new toy? Or is there some fundamental problem with VMware that Oracle is saving us from?

It's unlikely. I think someone in the VMware world might have gotten under the skin of one of the higherups at Oracle, cause they have certified Solaris 10 containers:

# Oracle does support Oracle non-RAC databases (10gR2, 10gR1, and 9.2 for SPARC and 10gR2 and 10gR1 for x86-64) with Solaris 10 non-global (local) Containers on the existing supported platforms for SPARC and x86-64. See metalink note 317257.1 for best practices document for deploying Oracle database in a Solaris 10 non-global Container
# Oracle RAC does not work in Solaris 10 local Containers.
# Oracle does not support Oracle with Solaris 8 or 9 containers on a Solaris 10 Operating Environment or any other combination not mentioned in the statement listed above. NOTE:567849.1

Still looking around for a rationale on why Oracle won't certify on VMware.

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