Friday, November 21, 2008

Provisioning pack actually works

As we recently discussed, there are some issues with Grid Control out of the box provisioning functionality.

Want to know if your gridcon is setup for patching? Deployments>>provisioning>>directives>>Oracle Components. See Oracle Patch Prereq Checker? Common Provisioning Utilities?

No? Then you'll likely end up with the hated "Incorrect Directive URN: null" error we mentioned back in October. Will also show up in emoms.log as the following error:

ERROR em.paf_jobs executePAFCommand.142 - Problems with the directive urn parameter format.

How do you fix this?

I'll save you a week of playing with the PARDeploy app.

1) Setup your software lib in deployments>>provisioning>>administration
2) Run Refresh Metalink and Refresh OPatch from Grid control
3) Run $ORACLE_HOME/PARDeploy -action -deploy -parDir $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/prov/paf -force

Still does not work?

Here's the magic from metalink note 727001.1 and a very useful OTN forum thread.

Download the .par files from $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/prov/paf of your oms server to your local machine. Go to Deployments>>Deployment Procedures>> Upload

Select each .par file and upload it.

I found the asprov files, patchadvisor, provCommon, and prereqs were useful, the others, not so much in my installation.

After that, patches installed without much of a problem. Patching speed leaves a bit to be desired (one system took 2 hours, another, 23 minutes. YMMV).

Oh, final note, sometimes the .par files need to be banged around a little bit in order to be accepted by the app. I had to extract one of the zips that got uploaded, move the files around a bit to get them to upload successfullly. Might open a tar on that one.

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