Monday, April 7, 2008

Multi user screen

Setting up screen for multiple users...

# screen -S screen_name
ctrl-A :addacl add someone_else,and_another_someone_else
ctrl-A :chacl username -w "#"
ctrl-A :multiuser on

They can connect to your screen via

# screen -x owners_user_name/screen_name

Obviously replace owners_user_name with whoever started the first screen, and change someone_else, and_another_someone_else, and screen_name to the useful settings....

More good tricks here, including some fancy tabs for the bottom of your screen

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fun with chmod

To carefully add permissions to files in a directory tree, keep capital letters in mind.

The following is dangerous:
chmod -R a+x directoryname

That would give execute permissions to all files underneath directoryname.

To give execute permissions to only files that currently have execute permissions use:
chmod -R a+X directoryname

That would give execute permissions to only those files that already have some other execute permission -- great for allowing others to look in directories.