Monday, February 13, 2012

A bad use of find in a nightly script

I was going through cleaning up files on one of the database servers. I happened to find this script.

> cat /home/oracle/scripts/rm_old_alogstrc.shl
cd /u03/oradata/SID/archivelog
find . -mtime +2 -exec rm {} \;
cd /u01/app/oracle/admin/SID/adump
find . -mtime +7 -exec rm {} \;
cd /u01/app/oracle/admin/SID/bdump
find . -mtime +7 -exec rm {} \;
cd /u01/app/oracle/admin/SID/cdump
find . -mtime +7 -exec rm {} \;
cd /u01/app/oracle/admin/SID/udump
find . -mtime +7 -exec rm {} \;
cd /home/oracle/datapump/SID
find . -mtime +7 -exec rm {} \;
cd /home/oracle/exports/SID
find . -mtime +7 -exec rm {} \;

For the benefit of those not cringing as you read that. Two major things I see wrong with it. The first is that someone had entrusted the OS to clean up old archivelog files older than 2 days. While it's not so common with all the safeguards we put in place for backups, but I can still imagine scenarios where archivelogs don't get backed up off the server in 2 days. This script runs and poof there goes recoverability.

And the second which makes me cringe is the two step file removal. Specifically cd to some directory and then rm all files in that directory. Just imagine what would happen if that script didn't change directory. Next you know whatever the working directory was is effectively wiped out. It was likely the home directory.

The much better way is to combine it into one command, that way there's no accidental deletions.

find /home/oracle/exports/SID -mtime +7 -exec rm {} \;

In a way I wish I didn't see this. Now I wonder what other gems are out there on this server that someone left me.

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