Friday, May 13, 2011

Insert update and deleting records in a view

Recently a vendor gave me a vague request to grant "write access" to a view. Remembering an error a user had shown me in the past, I replied off the cuff that one can't simply write to a view.

I created the following test to prove that I was right, and you'll see that I proved myself wrong:

drop user u_owner;
create user u_owner identified by pass2pass;
alter user u_owner default tablespace users;
alter user u_owner quota unlimited on users;
grant create session to u_owner;
grant create table to u_owner;
grant create view to u_owner;

drop user u_viewer;
create user u_viewer identified by pass2pass;
grant create session to u_viewer;

conn u_owner/pass2pass;

create table tb_test (v_int1 int);
create view vw_test as select v_int1 from tb_test;
grant select, insert, update, delete on vw_test to u_viewer;

conn u_viewer/pass2pass;

select * from u_owner.vw_test;
insert into u_owner.vw_test values (1);
select * from u_owner.vw_test;
update u_owner.vw_test set v_int1 = 2;
select * from u_owner.vw_test;
delete u_owner.vw_test where v_int1 = 2;
select * from u_owner.vw_test;
conn / as sysdba;
drop user u_owner cascade;
drop user u_viewer;


So as it turns out you absolutely can insert / update / delete into views. Still trying to make sense of it, but it *is* possible.

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